The Science of Talent Search.

Faster. Wider. Sharper.

ZLemma’s breakthrough talent scoring technology combines algorithms based on the collective wisdom of the best recruiters and hiring managers together with powerful mathematical models and data science. Our products will give you significant advantages in your talent search.

Precise Sourcing

Unlike traditional keyword search methods, our smartdata technology understands the actual meaning of your requirements pinpointing bestfit profiles with surgical precision. You will never miss “hidden gems” again.

360 degree search

Our product analyzes millions of candidates on the public “cloud” – jobseeker sites, networking/social/Q&A sites, university sites, code repositories. Not to mention going through large sets of applicant resumes. All in a matter of a few seconds.

Interested Candidates

Our product provides you vital signals indicating a candidate’s inclination to move. It also evaluates him/her for all jobs in your organization, helping you pitch the right job(s) to interested candidates.

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