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We're scientists and mathematicians, not recruiters. We built ZBot because we're tired of the usual recruiting BS.

Armed with our algorithms, ZBot matches your background and strengths to cool jobs at top-notch companies.

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How It Works

ZBot matches your background and strengths with hiring requirements of top-notch teams. Our algorithms interpret what you've done and learned at school and work, what you've built in projects and open-source forums, and how you've performed in competitions. We also model the specific requirements of teams at our client companies - the backgrounds they seek and the skills they desire.

The end result: Within seconds, you'll see exciting opportunities with awesome teams who want you today!

About Us

ZLemma is a Series A-funded startup in Mountain View, California. Powered by patent-pending mathematical models and algorithms, we help students and professionals identify STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math/Stats) jobs most suited to their talents. We also help hiring managers source the best talent for their specific needs. Our product is based on a proprietary metric, the ZLemma Quotient (ZQ) which measures a candidate's suitability for a prospective STEM job. We've leveraged our expertise in STEM talent-identification and in algorithms development to build a high-quality solution for both job-seekers and employers.

At ZLemma we strive to find the right balance between the big picture and the small details, between the practical smarts of mentoring & recruiting and the theoretical smarts of math & algos, between the hard grind and the fun of a startup.

Our team consists of a successful serial entrepreneur, an ex-Managing Director from Morgan Stanley, a Ph.D. in Algorithms, an ex-journalist from Wall Street Journal, an ex-investment analyst from Blackstone, technologists and designers with experience at premier software firms and startups, and several highly-trained Computer Scientists.

Our Founders

Ashwin Rao

Previously, Ashwin was a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and a VP at Goldman Sachs. He holds a Ph.D. in Algorithmic Algebra from University of Southern California and a B.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT-Bombay.

Madhav Halbe

Previously, Madhav was the Founder and CEO of DesignEdge Media, Co-Founder and COO of OmniPros, and Founder and CEO of GoLive. He holds a B.E. in Electronics from University of Mumbai.


What does ZLemma do exactly? And What is a ZBot?
We find great options for the next step in your career. Our proprietary scoring algorithms match your skills with the best jobs and teams out there, to find where you can fit, and we break down the options with scores that measure exactly how good of a fit you are. We've put all this science into ZBot - his spark plugs may pop out once in a while, but he's one smart matchmaking robot.
What kind of jobs does ZLemma have?
ZLemma is for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math/Stats) students and graduates. Almost all our jobs require strong analytical and/or computational skills, but they cross a wide range of industries. For example, some of our jobs are for quantitative analysts at Wall Street banks, software developers in Silicon Valley, or data scientists anywhere in the country.
How does your algorithm figure out which jobs are good matches for me?
Our algorithms weigh multiple factors in your profile with what employers are looking for in specific roles. Which factors matter more or less depend on each job, and we model each job individually. We also measure how complete your profile is to estimate how accurate the match is. The more data you provide, the more accurate your scores will be.
What’s the secret to a perfect hollandaise sauce?
Making sure you temper the eggs by adding the melted butter slowly to avoid scrambling the eggs.
Is there a benefit to applying to jobs from ZLemma?
We work with top-notch employers in many industries. When you apply to a job, the company gets your profile, along with the score that measures how good of a fit you are. When you apply to jobs where you fit very well, companies know that, and are more likely to reach out to candidates from ZLemma than other places.
What's a good match?
In general, any job where you have a score over 85 is a great match. Make sure you apply to those jobs!

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ZLemma, Inc.
465 Fairchild Drive, Suite #103,
Mountain View, CA 94043
E: info@zlemma.com
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