Accelerate Your Talent Search

ZLemma scores and ranks profiles of programmers, scientists & engineers.
So you find the right ones in seconds, not hours.

Save time searching for candidates.
Spend it acquiring them instead.

Spend Time Recruiting.
Not Searching.

What you're good at is people and teams. Understanding them and making them work.

But you spend too many hours on job portals hunting for candidates and filling your funnel.

Our product ZSort scores candidates so you see the top matches to your job in seconds. Saving you hours of clicking through profile by profile, page by page.

Free up time from searching. Get more recruiting done instead.

Never Overlook Talent Again

Blind spots happen. Sometimes we miss great people. ZSort makes sure you give them a second look.

Designed by PhD's, our algorithms don't miss a thing. We analyze data on backgrounds and experience, skills and specialties, even participation in online communities.

Producing scores that are more accurate and insightful than a quick glance.

Focus on Candidates
Who Want You Too

Not all candidates are right for every company. And not every job is right for every candidate.

ZSort finds your "sweet spot”. Candidates who are just right for your company and your job.

It also finds theirs. ZSort scores candidates on all your jobs, pointing out the one they’ll want the most. So you put your best foot forward when attracting the people you want.

Seamlessly Fits How You Already Work!

ZSort works with all major browsers.
It shows up automatically, whenever you visit your favorite job sites.

ZSort is currently in limited release to select partners.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, leave your email address and we’ll contact you soon.